Things can get overwhelming when you travel. Countless articles and hours of television have been devoted to questions like “What to pack?” “When should I buy a flight for the cheapest price?” “How do I get the most affordable hotel rates?” But no worries – we’re here to help. With just a handful of (mostly free) tried and tested apps, any trip can be a breeze.


We love any app that brags “Our flights are so cheap, United sued us… but we won.” Skiplagged takes advantage of “hidden city flights” where flyers can disembark at a layover instead of the final destination – basically arbitraging the airlines. It’s so popular, the term “skiplag” has entered the lexicon. For example, a direct flight to Atlanta may cost hundreds, but if you book a ticket to another, cheaper destination, with Atlanta as a stopover, you can save a lot of money if you disembark at the stopover, Atlanta. But be warned: Airlines hate this practice, claiming it deprives them of revenue from travel to the passenger’s intended destination and the ability to sell the seat that’s been skipped. And they are starting to clamp down. Lufthansa recently sued a passenger who skiplagged – the case is pending. Another note: only skiplag if you travel with a carry on – as any checked bags will be flown to the final destination.


So your flight gets delayed or canceled… or your flight is overbooked. Besides going on Twitter and freaking out – what else can you do? Not a lot of people are aware that US and EU laws provide for compensation for these annoyances (but they do). According to the app, “ You could receive up to [$700] if your flight is delayed, canceled, or you were denied boarding. We handle your claim on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. Just submit your claim on the app and we’ll make sure you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours. ” If the claim is successful, they take 25 percent of the payout and you get the remainder. You also get a referral bonus for anyone else on your flight that you send the company’s way.


Never forget your raincoat again! PackPoint helps users by providing a checklist of travel essentials that they need to pack, depending on the nature of their trip – as well as suggestions based on the weather of where they’re going, or the culture (leave the short shorts at home in Dubai). All you have to do is create a trip profile (destination, purpose of trip, length of stay) and it will create a customized packing checklist.


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